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2016 marks the first Ride for Miracles in Siouxland! This unique and intriguing adventure is poised to become a signature event for UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s Children’s Miracle Network and all of Siouxland.

The ride will cover nearly 4,500 miles in just 12 days—all from the seat of a motorcycle. The Miracle Riders will depart from UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s on Monday, September 19th and return on Friday, September 30th.  Their challenging route will take the riders around the perimeter of the 5 Great Lakes, starting with the northern route through Canada. Their mission is to raise awareness and funds for St. Luke’s Children’s Miracle Network in Sioux City, Iowa. The Miracle Riders will also stop at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals along their route to visit with kids and babies, and to share stories.

They will ride with no chase cars and no safety nets. Their journey literally represents the journey our sick and injured kids and babies find themselves part of each and every day. Whether it’s a baby born at 1 lb. 6oz or a child facing a chronic condition like Lupus, they often don’t know what the next day will bring---good news, challenging news, a setback, a cure--still they keep persevering. The Miracle Riders will brave the elements and road conditions and find themselves facing situations that represent those of our Miracle Kids--- sunny days, potholes, loneliness, a race against the clock, darkness, a sense of accomplishment. They will undoubtedly be riding with the spirits of current and future Miracle Kids in the hopes that someday they can enjoy the feeling of the wind in their hair and the sun shining on their faces. They’ll also be carrying the memories of the Miracles that have been lost and will never experience this kind of adventure.

Every rider will personally cover the cost of all travel expenses.


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