2017 Day 8 - Santa Monica, CA to Las Vegas, NV

By Matt Thompson

So we made it to the end of Route 66 yesterday, and are now on our return trip home!  Our stop tonight was in Las Vegas.  It was a shorter day, only about 350 miles, but the stress of the LA traffic took its toll on the Riders the last couple days, so the shorter day was good for the soul.

Today though, I had one of those “small world” moments, we were at a gas station in Vegas and a lady had come up and asked “where in Woodbury”  We told her we were from Sioux City, the town where she was born and grew up, she moved to Vegas about 30 years ago.  We got to talking about what a bunch of motorcycles from Iowa was doing in Vegas!  As I discussed the stories with her and about our mission, she told me the story of her cousin that was in the NICU a few years back at St. Luke’s.  So here we are, 3,500 miles along our journey, 1,500 miles from home, and we run into someone that happens to have a loved one that is directly touched by CMN and what we are riding for!


I kept thinking all night, what are the chances that would happen.  In a town with a population of over 630,000 and an average of 100,000 visitors per day on top of that, and out of all those people, we just happen to park next to each other at a gas station, at the same time.  Gets you thinking if it was just dumb coincidence, or if something higher was at work, maybe we needed that reminder of why we are riding, that being tired and stressed is nothing compared to the battles the kids fight every day.  The worry about the traffic and directions and missing an exit is nothing compared to the worry that the parents feel night after night, will their child be better tomorrow, or will things turn for the worse.  It makes me feel that someone is out there looking out for us, looking out for those kids.

This cause and these kids and doing whatever we can to help them win their battles and get them home, to ease the worried nights of those parents, that is why we do what we do. Please visit our website at www.miracleriders.com  and donate if you can, help us in our mission to help these kids get better and get them home with their family.