2017 Day 11 - Fort Collins, CO to Rapid City, SD

By Matt Thompson

We got to see both ends of the weather spectrum today as we headed from Fort Collins, CO to Rapid City, SD.  It started in a heavy rain at 43 degrees and ended in the mid 70’s with the sun shining!  The ride through the Black Hills in South Dakota was beautiful.

The emotions today also followed on both ends of the spectrum.  We ended the day celebrating Steve Panzer’s birthday and enjoying the absolutely beautiful scenery riding through the Black Hills.  

But, before we headed out from the hotel, we met a family that was staying at the hotel because they had just lost their house in a fire.  I couldn’t imagine going through that, what a horrendous thing to have to struggle through.  But, even with that, they seemed to be in good spirits, the kids were eating breakfast, mom and dad helping get food, cut up eggs, etc.  And, the most important part, they were together.  They were all safe, no one was injured and at the end, no matter what belongs and things they had lost, they still had each other.  

And that, that is today’s message, just that, TOGETHER!  At the end of the day, at the end of the two week trip, at the end of the hospital stay, what matters most is being together with your family, with your loved ones.

So as we head home tomorrow, our focus will be on the road and being safe, but our hearts, they will be longing to be back together!

Please come see us home Friday night, Sept. 29th at 6:00pm at the parking lot between Doxx and Firehouse down at 5th Street.  Also, please consider going to www.miracleriders.com and donating, we still need help to meet our goal!