2017 Day 2 - Chicago, IL to Rolla, MO

By Steve Panzer

Well all it's my turn to write the story for today's ride! We started out this morning with a little fog but pretty mild temps. Pretty exciting so far huh? We headed out of the Chi town area with all that hustle and bustle and crazy drivers. Everybody had a lot of excitement and energy, even though there was some creaks and groans as they threw a leg over their bikes. We headed south in search of Route 66, we found the Gemini giant by the old Launching Pad restaurant which happens to be closed and for sale if your interested. Then we headed down the 1.4 mile stretch of the old, original paver stone road which is a historic part of Rt 66! Oh and by now it's a cool 90 degrees! Then we headed to a little hole in the wall called Fanning Missouri where we seen the world's largest rocking chair which was pretty cool. 

Overall today folks it was an awesome day. Every place we stopped we were asked what we were doing and why, and we would tell our story.  Their eyes would light up and compliment us for taking time out of our lives and away from our families to help the kids! So as all of you out there please take a moment look at our donation page and help us help the kids of Siouxland! Lastly folks I wanna give a huge shout out to all of our sponsors with out you this wouldn't be possible! 

-Steve Panzer, Miracle Rider