2017 Day 9 - Las Vegas, NV to Fruita, CO

By Jon Heie

I’ve had friends, who reside in California, refer to traveling east out of California as traveling up “the grade”. Traveling from sea level to the continental divide located in the Rocky Mountains, a long uphill battle. Today we traveled from Las Vegas to Frutia Colorado. There were long stretches of uphill highway with short stretches of downhill where we caught our breath preparing for the next uphill climb into a stiff north wind. At times we had long stretches of downhill travel during which I thought, “How much altitude have we lost now?”. I know we have to eventually reach 11,158’ above sea level before we can start our descent to the Missouri River and Sioux City. I’m tired and I miss my family. I want to go home. CMN Kids and their families know what it feels like to climb a mountain, only to lose ground on the other side before starting the next uphill grade. They know what the ultimate goal is and they are prepared to climb again towards that goal. Eventually, hopefully tomorrow, we'll cross the continental divide and begin the last leg of our journey. We hope that in some small way we can help CMN kids, families and caregivers achieve their ultimate goals. We all want to return home to those who love us. We want to move past the fight, victorious.

To help those kids and their families with their battles, to help them become victorious, please go to our web page and donate, help us get them the equipment they need to fight!