2017 Day 7 - Kingman, AZ to Santa Monica (End of Route 66)

By Steve Panzer

Howdy folks! Looks like my name was drawn to write the blog for today's ride. I'm going to start a little backwards and talk about the ride into Santa Monica. This day has been on our minds since we started this endeavor. The unknown, the anxiety, the anticipation has been eating at myself and the other riders as well. Is the traffic going to be bad, is it going to live up to what we see on TV. Then it dawns on me, is this the feeling that parents have when their child is lying in the NICU, or in the Peds unit. Not knowing what's going on, or what's going to happen next, are they going to be alright? My heart goes out to those families and the the feeling of the unknown that they have. We as riders had a very small taste of that today! So with some solid prayers and some luck I hope their fears of the unknown turn out like our ride into Santa Monica and to the hotel did today.

Please don’t forget to visit our website at share the message and the stories of the kids with others.  Also, if you are able, please donate and help ease that worry those parents go through.