2017 Day 6 - Holbrook, AZ to Kingman, AZ

By Matt Thompson

Day 6 is in the books, we traveled from Holbrook to Winslow to the Grand Canyon to Kingman.  Today was probably the most scenic day so far, and the Grand Canyon is amazing, just absolutely awe inspiring to be there and see that, pictures do not do it justice.

During the final stretch to the hotel tonight, I started to think back on the day, we had rain and cold to start, then just cold, then sunny and warm.  We had some nice smooth roads, and had some back jarring and teeth rattling roads.  We had some fun and celebration at Winslow (if you want to see a bunch of grown men sing badly, you will have to search out or Facebook video from this morning, it is not pretty!) and then had some worrisome troubled moments when a bike quit running for a bit of time.


It was a day that well represents what our CMN kids go through, they have some good and sunny days, and some cloud bad days, they have smooth days where everything is fine, and then some rough days, days where things just don’t seem to work.  But what we always love to see, is those kids have days where they can celebrate, days they get to go home and be with their family, days when everything feels good and nothing hurts.  Days where they beat the illness they were fighting!

It is in the hope of more of those good days that we are out here riding, sharing their message.  It is your donations that help buy the equipment that get them those days, get them more joy and celebration, less cloudy and bumpy days.  So thank you to everyone that has given, thank you to our sponsors.  Your support helps those kids get back their sunny days sooner.

Please help us share the message of these kids and their celebration stories, go to our website and the CMN Facebook page and share those links with your friends.  At our website you can also help fund the equipment and services they need by donating.  All the donations help.