2017 Day 4 - Oklahoma City, OK to Santa Rosa, NM

By Mike Unger

   When you ride your motorcycle from dawn to dusk your mind has many moments to wonder. As The Miracle Riders pulled into Santa Rosa, New Mexico this evening, my thoughts meandered backward in time to the hospital in Joplin, Missouri and the four babies we saw in the NICU.  We had the opportunity to witness four very young children fighting for their lives. We also were able to talk with a distraught mother as she couldn't help but wonder if everything was going to turn out OK.  We tried our best to console her.

   Then, almost instantly, my thoughts switched to the southwestern scenery off in the distance with its bright red soil and high flat top plateaus lined with Cedar and Pine. I mused myself as I did many times as a child wondering what it was like to live in the old wild west. 

   As a child growing up with TV shows like Gunsmoke and Rawhide, I day dreamed about riding horses and shooting Colts and Winchesters. Now, as a senior citizen I thought of the Native American mother going off into the wilderness by herself to deliver her baby hopefully under the shade of a tree and close to a cool stream. Think how she might have felt? Think how many babies probably did not make it back to the camp alive?

   Thank you God for UnityPoint St. Luke's and the Children’s Miracle Network for everything they do for children's health and safety. It feels good to helping them with their MISSION.

   Today is a good day! Thank you God for guiding me to this place.