2017 Day 10 - Fruita, CO to Fort Collins, CO

By Matt Thompson

Wow!  What a day we had today!  Started in Fruita, Colorado and rode into Fort Collins Colorado. This was some of the most beautiful scenery we have seen.  I know, I have said that more than once during this journey, but we keep getting surprised with even more spectacular views.  

But, we also had probably the most weather challenging ride of the trip.  The day started off cold, coldest so far at about 44 degrees. Besides being cool, it was beautiful, we stopped at a rest stop along the Grizzly River and the views were amazing.  We were also to meet a few families and kids at the rest stop and hand out some CMN footballs and Miracle Rider foam motorcycles.  We met one family that was making the long trip from Monterey California to Quantico, Virginia, an almost 3,000 mile trip with their two young kids.  The father was a new Marine that was relocated to Quantico, so the family was packed and moving their life from one coast to another, so it was nice to help break up the day a little bit and talk with them and give their kids some cool gear!

Now, that is about where the weather started to change.  We went down the road a little ways to Avon Colorado where we stopped for lunch.  After we walked out from lunch, the raindrops were starting to fall and the clouds were starting to fill in around the mountain tops and they were getting darker!  So we put on our lovely rain gear, braced ourselves for the challenges ahead of us and headed towards the Rocky Mountains.  

We had planned on going through Independence Pass but with snow predicted, (2 wheels and snow don’t really mix well!) we decided to change paths and head out through Vail Pass and into Denver instead.  Once we hit Vail, it started raining pretty good, and the temps dropped to about 41 degrees.  We even had some sleet and hail for a short bit.  With that rain, the climbs up the hills, the curves and the semi traffic around us, it was downright scary at times.  But, once we came out of the north side of Denver, things cleared up and we had clear skies for the last 30 miles.


You know, when we were sitting at the gas station in El Rancho CO, we were all cold, wet, and talking about the trip.  We talked about how today seemed similar to how it feels for the kids at St. Luke’s and their families.  They have this plan in place, the day isn’t perfect, but looks nice.  Then their plan is changed to something unforeseen, and then they just continue to encounter problems, curves in the rooms, hairy moments, scary moments!  But, as we hope all the stories come out in the end, they fight through the struggles, endure the hardships, and when it is all done, the sun comes out for them too!

I know we riders ask this everyday, but we only have 2 days left till we come home, please go out to our website and donate, buy some shirts, buy some koozies and help us hit our $50,000 goal so we can buy the vein viewer and cub crib to help these kids win their battles.

Also, come and see us at the return ceremony on Friday, Sept. 29th a starting at 5:00pm at the parking lot between Firehouse and Doxx on 5th Street.  There will be burgers and chips for $2.50, and since Firehouse was kind enough to purchase the food, all the money raised will go to help us hit our goal!  Us Riders should roll in around 6:00pm.  It is a family friendly event, so please bring your kids and families down and see us!!