2017 Day 1 - Sioux City to Chicago

Well, here we are again, Year 2 of the Ride for Miracles and Day 1 is in the books!  We rode almost 600 miles through a little rain and a lot of traffic.  Things started off rainy in Iowa, so if you were awesome enough to be at the send-off this morning, you got to see our very attractive rain gear, for those of you that weren’t there, I am totally lying, rain gear is not attractive...at all!!  But, as we worked towards Chicago, the day lightened up and the sun came out, so we had clear views of Chicago driving in.  I will tell you one thing though, after driving through Chicago at 6:00pm, I will never complain about Sioux City traffic again!  

I was just in awe of the send-off this year, even though it was overcast and cold and misty, we had more people than last year, and it was amazing to see all that support. Kamden came down to send us off and Florie was selling lemonade. We had quite a few of the corporate sponsors as well as friends, family and a whole lot of supporters from UnityPoint, it was absolutely amazing!!

Saying goodbye was harder this year, I couldn’t put my finger on it this morning, but reflecting back on it during the ride today, it was because we had experienced that before, and knew from last year how much of a challenge it is to be away from family.  But really, it's those feelings that remind us why we are riding and what we do this for.  We do it for those kids that are at the hospital that can't be home with their families.  We do it so their stay is more comfortable, less stressful, and as easy as possible.  We do it to get the equipment and services needed to get those kids out of the hospital and home with their family as fast and as healthy as possibility.  We may seem tough for doing this, but really, it’s nothing compared to what those kids and their families go through every day, fighting to get healthy and fighting to get home, that is true strength, true bravery, true toughness! 

Well, it was a late day and I’m off to make the video for the day.  And this year, we are changing things up a bit, all of the riders are going to be doing blogs posts, so you won’t just hear from me (I see you cheering, stop that!!), so make sure to stop back and check the blogs out everyday and hear things from different viewpoints.  

Also, don't forget to visit www.miracleriders.com there you can watch our videos, see our photos, read all those blog posts and follow us live with our Spot Tracker and use the link to go to our Live Feed through YouTube.