Day 10 - Mackinaw, MI to St. Joseph, MI

Day 10 of the Ride for Miracles for Children’s Miracle Network started in Mackinaw Bay, Michigan and we headed down the east shore of Lake Michigan down to St. Joseph, MI.  The ride started off cool, but we lucked out with no rain.  Our goal for the day was to try and hit the Tunnel of Trees in the northwestern corner of the Michigan peninsula.  The road to get there from the highway was a rough and poorly maintained road with lots of bumps and dips.  But, enduring all the bumps and pains in the road led to one of the most beautiful rides in Michigan.  The Tunnel of Trees was about 30 minutes of riding through windy and curvy roads with a beautiful canopy of trees and a view of the lake off to one side.  Please go check out the videos of the day to see this amazing area.

When we got done with the ride, I told Ronnie it kind of reminded of what the kids fighting for their health go through every day.  The road that day may be bumpy and rough, and it may take a tool on them, but they keep fighting through it, and when they are done, they have a beautiful path in front of them the rest of the day.

We got into St. Joseph and skirted just between two thunderstorm cells and just got a little rain, overall, nothing to complain about.  We decided to head downtown to celebrate Steve Panzer’s birthday and visit the beach of Lake Michigan to collect some rocks and have Steve stand in the lake!  The sand along the beach was very fine sand, and it blew and drifted just like snow. 

Tomorrow’s trip will have us heading down around the bottom of Lake Michigan and South of Chicago as we begin our trip back home.  We will get into Des Moines Thursday night, and then head back home to Sioux City on Friday. 

Please go to and donate if you are able to.  We are still looking to make our goal, and need all your help, even if it is just $5, everything helps.