Day 8 - Avon, OH to Saginaw, MI

Day 8 of the Ride for Miracles for Children’s Miracle Network started in Avon, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, and we headed up to Saginaw, Michigan. Today was a very challenging day on the ride, windy, heavy rains and even some mechanical issues.  Riding in heavy rains on the interstate next to semi’s with wind makes for a stressful and nerve racking ride.  You end up wet, cold and tired after a short amount of driving.  We had to stop at a dealer for a new tire and some work on a bike that wasn’t quite running right.  Today was a day where we all were reminded that every day there are kids that are struggling to ride through their own storms.  They fight, and struggle and at the end of the day they are tired, and the more we can give them to help them through it, the stronger and faster they can overcome their struggles.

We also had one rider head back home today, Sheriff Mike Jolley had to head back home solo today, and we will miss him.  He always led our daily bike prayers, and was always there to try and lighten our moods and was always sharing stories with everyone he met.  It was on honor having him on the ride with us, and we are pleased to know he is home safe tonight.  We will have Ronnie Wilson with us still, and he will be there with us till we get to Sioux City.  Ronnie has been a rock for us as well, such a great man that has such a passion for CMN and kids its helps.  We hear more and more stories from him, and I am amazed by all the great things he has done.  We have been honored to have such great people joining us on our ride, and I am honored to be a part of this group. 

We also talked tonight about the comradery and the brotherhood we have with each other.  I have been blessed to have such a great Sioux City Posse with me as well.  Jim and Steve are amazing individuals, and love what they are doing and are passionate about helping our CMN kids, for sharing their stories, and raising the money to help them fight their battles.  They have huge hearts and determination and fortitude to ride through the tough days for these kids.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to be on the road with.  We also talked about the sisterhood building back home with Amy, Renea, and Tammy as well.  They are there for each other, helping to take care of things back home while we are out on the road.  If it wasn’t for their extra efforts, for them picking up our slack while we are gone, we wouldn’t be able to be out doing this.  They always say, behind every great man is a great woman, and we have some of the greatest!  They are doing so much behind the scenes, they are our support team, they help keep us going!!

While out eating dinner tonight, we were able to meet some great people.  A gentleman heard us talking about our ride at dinner and asked me more about it.  I shared the stories of our journey and of the kids we are raising money for, and why we ride, why it is important for us.  He then told me he was in Sioux City just a few weeks ago on business, not only that, he also told us that earlier that day, he actually passed by us on the interstate and told me at the time he was thinking, “WOW, those guys are dedicated!”  He also then told me his grandchildren were born premature, at a little over 1 pound.  He then asked if we take donations, and handed me $20.  Just goes to show you how small the world is, we traveled over 2,000 miles to get to Saginaw, MI, end up running into someone that was in our town just a few weeks ago, that also saw us earlier in the day.  And then he felt so moved, he helped out and donated, to kids in a town he didn’t live in, just because he cared.  There are good people out in the world, sometimes you just need to stop and talk to people to find out who they are!

There were others sitting next to him that listened to the story, and told me they too knew family members that had children that spent time in CMN Hospitals, and thanked us for what we were doing.  Every time we share our stories, we learn new stories from other people. It just amazes me every day that we meet new people, and everyone we end up meeting knows someone that has been helped or touched by CMN.

Tomorrow’s trip will have us heading up St. Ignace near Mackinaw Bay, Michigan.  It might be another rainy day, but we will be heading up the west coast of Lake Huron, so it should be a beautiful ride.  Remember, send us scavenger hunt ideas so we can try and get those for you!!

Also, please go to and donate if you are able to.  We are still looking to make our goal, and need allyour help, even if it is just $5, everything helps.