Day 7 - Niagara Falls, NY to Avon, OH

Day 7 of the Ride for Miracles for Children’s Miracle Network started in Niagara Falls, NY at a balmy 45 degrees, and headed off to Avon, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. The day started off with our ride prayer, like we do every morning, but today we had Jim with us, it was a good day!

The weather was wonderful, and the views of Lake Erie were amazing!  The road along the lake was a lower speed highway, at 45 – 50 mph, so we didn’t cover a lot of miles, but hit 3 different states (New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio), we had quite a few hours in the seat (6 hours total) and had some great views.  We also had some “unplanned route deviations” (as the boys from Georgia call them) when we came across the Grape Festival parade in Geneva Ohio, which shut down a state highway.  We stopped and watched it for a few minutes and talked to a few of the spectators.  We then had to find an alternate route around the parade which sent us down our first dirt road for the trip.  All along the trip today we got to see glimpses of Lake Erie, and even got to stop and a park and meet a toddler who was more than happy to play on the teeter-totter with Sheriff. 

Tomorrow’s trip will have us heading up around Toledo, OH and Detroit, MI and up into Saginaw, Michigan.  It will be a rainy day, and for the most part, not very scenic, but we will try and get as many interesting pictures as possible.  Remember, send us scavenger hunt ideas so we can try and get those for you!!

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