Day 4 - Terrace Bay, Ontario Canada to Espanola, Ontario Canada

Day 4 of the Ride for Miracles for Children’s Miracle Network starts us off bright and early in Terrace Bay, Ontario Canada. We got on the road early about 7:30am, and headed out in some very cold, wet and drizzly weather.  The day started to warm up and the sun came out a little once we hit Pancake Bay.  We stopped for a quick lunch made up of jerky, smoked trout and a trout pate on crackers (tastes way better than it sounds!)  We then continued on with our journey, and as we did the road start to get dark and rainy again.  We all got a little wet, but made it safe and sound into Espanola Ontario.  Again today I was reminded about the journey the kids at St. Luke’s have to go through.  Every day could start off sunny or cloudy and dreary, it may brighten up and become sunny, or it could get dark and rainy again.  We ride to help provide them with equipment to help make the dreary and dark times less, and the sunny times more frequent!

We also were able to meet a lot of amazing people today and share our adventure and the stories of the kids.  We even had an interesting meeting at dinner.  We were eating at the hotel restaurant, and saw a gentleman with a Georgia shirt on, so Sheriff Mike Jolley (one of the Original Posse Georgia Riders that came up to join us on our ride) went over to talk to them, and finds out they are from a town only a couple hours from him. At the end of the day, more than 2,000 miles away from home, he ended up running into someone that lived only two hours from him.  He also found out, that two of the people in the group has had their lives touched by CMN, as they had grandchildren who spent time in the NICU in Hamilton Ontario.

Each day on the ride, we talk to more and more people about CMN and the kids that they have helped.  And every time we have talked to someone, they have had someone in their lives touched by CMN, grandchildren, a son, a daughter, a niece, a nephew, someone they know and love.  Every time we hear people tell us stories about how CMN has helped someone they know, it makes the journey we are taking mean so much more for us.

Tomorrow we leave Espanola and head towards Bayside Ontario on Lake Huron, we are still having technical difficulties with the spotty cell service up in Canada, so we may not be able to get the live feed up and going right away, but we are keeping our fingers crossed we might have a solution by lunchtime.  If not, please check out our spot map and see where were at and check back to the website for our daily videos to catch up on what you missed on the live feed.  And I promise, we will have the live feed going again once we cross back over to USA on Saturday.

Don't forget to keep checking the website, and also don't forget we're always on the lookout for scavenger hunt ideas, so talk to your kids and find out what they would like to see the Miracle Riders do, just send us a tweet or post a comment to St. Luke’s Children’s Miracle Network Facebook page.