Day 1 - Sioux City to Eau Claire

Ride for Miracles - Day 1

Well...Day 1 of the Inaugural Ride for Miracles for St. Luke's Children's Miracle Network is in the books! It was a roller coaster of a day, starting off with the sendoff ceremony which had sad moments of the riders and their families saying goodbye to heartwarming moments of Florie giving all the riders a handmade thank you card to keep us going, then the joy and excitement of getting on the ride and then the overwhelming feeling of gratitude of all the community support the riders and their families received today.

The journey will be tough, and that many miles in the seat will be physically challenging, but our most difficult struggle as riders will be missing our families. And it is that reason why we do this, because as much as we will miss them, we know we will get to see them again in 12 days. There are fathers and mothers out there with kids fighting for their health, their lives, and they don't have that comfort, they don't know if they have days or years or a lifetime with them. We want to do whatever we can do to help those kids win those battles and give their families that time with their kids.

So out on the road, Day 1 went as well as could be expected, we had a couple missed turns, a few technical difficulties with the electronics, and even ended up traveling down a couple “ATV Roads” to detour around some road construction, but overall it was a beautiful ride, and went through some very beautiful parts of the country. We also got to meet a lot of great people today, met other people from Iowa, also met a great establishment in Eau Claire, Milwaukee Burger Company, who donated some money and signed the fender of Jim’s bike.  Always nice out on the road to meet great people like that that are willing to help support our cause.

Day 2 will start tomorrow at 8:00am, leaving Eau Claire, Wisconsin heading to Wausau, Wisconsin to visit Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital. After that will be heading north to intersect Lake Superior and head over to Duluth, Minnesota, which we should be in about 5:30pm.

Don't forget to keep checking the website, to watch our live feed, which hopefully we will have all the bugs worked out of tomorrow, and keep track of us on the SPOT map to see where we are at any point in time.

Also don't forget we're looking for scavenger hunt ideas, so talk to your kids and find out what they would like to see the Miracle Riders do, knowing the group of guys we got on the ride, no request will be to silly or out of the ordinary.